Bestcharcoal Marabu Charcoal 10kg

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  • Perfect for Low & Slow 
  • Extreme hot 
  • Long lasting 
  • Low smoke 
  • Restaurant quality 
  • 100% natural
  •  Produced in Cuba 

The Marabu is a special type of charcoal. The charcoal comes from Cuba and is seen locally as weed. Compared to the other Bestcharcoal types, the charcoal is smaller and has a different structure. Despite its structure and smaller size, the marabu burns longer than most charcoals. Lighting the marabu takes a few minutes, but this results in a very stable temperature and a long burning time. It also offers a light smoky flavor that is perceived by many as aromatic. In short, the Marabu is one of the best types of charcoal for the low & slow sessions on the kamado or any other type of bbq.

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