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Striving for the best is in the genes of iQ Grills. That's why iQ Grills presents the iQ Grill Classic 21 inch: the new standard for an all-inclusive magical outdoor experience. Developed by experts to barbecue like never before. Their well-known charcoal is of high quality and guarantees a clean burn. Especially in combination with the iQ Grills barbecues. These Dutch design kamados are made of carefully selected materials and extra strong mullite ceramics. This makes this series extremely resistant to higher temperatures and perfect for outdoor barbecuing.

iQ Grills Classic "Pirate Black" en "Gunpowder Grey"

Mullite ceramic is a mix of Mullite quartz and ceramic that hardly expands at high temperatures. Therefore, the ceramic will remain more solid and better able to withstand high temperatures. Mullite can be recognized by its very white color on the inside of the bowl. The advantage of mullite is that the composition can withstand higher temperatures and is harder than cordorite. This benefits the lifespan.

iQ Grills come complete with included accessories

Aluminum daisy wheel with rain cap
This innovative design prevents water from entering the iQ Grill.
The control cap also functions as a ventilation regulator that can be precisely adjusted.
The top vent consists of two parts that you can slide and turn to regulate the air flow.
Fiberglass Gasket
This version is made of high quality fiberglass, which provides a better seal and it is also easier to clean.
Temperature gauge dome iQ Grills
The accurate thermometer on the dome (lid) shows you the inside temperature of the kamado. So you know exactly the right temperature for your dishes.
iQ Grills side tables
The side tables are made of durable and stylish bamboo. They provide a practical surface for ingredients and accessories. After use, easily fold the side tables so you can put the cover over them for protection.
Fire Bowl
Our ceramic fire bowls are made of mullite. The industrially manufactured ceramics of our fire bowls are fired at extremely high temperatures, which makes the fire bowls very hard-wearing.
Charcoal Basket
With this charcoal basket and the included divider, it is possible to have two different temperature zones: for direct and indirect grilling. With this, you also have the choice to light only half of the iQ Grill. The charcoal basket contributes to good air circulation and easy cleaning.
Ash tray/Smoking tray
The remaining ash ends up in this drawer at the bottom of the barbecue. It is easy to empty, which keeps the air circulation optimal.
In addition, the drawer can be used to smoke your products cold or hot.
LED lamp with hook
For a late night BBQ later in the evening or early in the morning, there is the option to attach this light with LED technology to the edge of the iQ Grill. This light features 24 LED lights and provides a good view of what you are preparing. Easy to install with the mounting bracket. Note: the LED light is not weatherproof and not suitable for prolonged exposure to heat.
Multi-level stainless steel cooking grid
The multi-level stainless steel grill grid (thickness 7 mm) allows you to get started on three different levels. This increases your cooking capacity and preparation options. A third layer is specially made for the drip pans.
Double half-moon plate setter (2x)
With a single half-moon plate setter, you can use part of the iQ Grill for indirect cooking. With both plate setters simultaneously, you can cook indirectly over the entire surface. This keeps the meat juicy with a real barbecue flavor.
2 x Drip pans
Drip pans trap grease before it falls onto the burning coals during cooking. This prevents unexpected stinging flames.
Half-moon grill surface
Real grill marks in your meat? No problem with this half-moon grilling surface. Withstands greater weight and higher temperatures than a regular grill surface.
Half-moon plancha
The half-moon shape offers you two surfaces for preparing the tastiest dishes. For example, the surface on one side is ribbed: perfect for meat. The other side is smooth, for preparing salmon, for example.
Pizza stone
With this ceramic pizza stone you will make the tastiest authentic stone oven pizzas, just in your iQ Grill. We advise you to use the pizza stone in combination with the plate setter. This prevents the pizza from burning on the stone.
Electric iQ Grills lighter
With 2000 watts of power, your charcoal burns within minutes and the temperature rises quickly.
iQ Grills grilling tongs
These tongs provide great grip when picking up and moving grids. Also useful when emptying and putting back glowing drip pans, so you don't hurt yourself and your hands stay clean.
Accessory rack from iQ Grills
Accessoire rek van iQ Grills zet je op je devide & conquer rek voor het plaatsen van een druippan, wok, dutch oven. 
Core Temperature Gauge
This iQ Grills product thermometer measures exactly when dishes have reached their perfect temperature. With two probes to measure different cuts of meat.
Ash tool
Excess ash is removed in no time with this ash tool. For good airflow and better temperature control.
Hamburger Scoop
The iQ Grills hamburger scoop is the perfect accessory to easily flip your food to be prepared.
Chicken Holder
The iQ Grills chicken holder is made of ceramic. This ensures that you can prepare poultry in multiple ways. For example, you can fill the chicken holder with beer before placing the chicken. Then place the chicken holder on a grid in the barbecue. The result is a unique taste experience.
iQ Grills chassis
The solid base is designed so that the iQ Grill has the ideal working height of 95 cm. With four wheels, the iQ Grill is easy to move before or after use. The shelf underneath is suitable to put the pizza stone on.
iQ Grills protective cover
The custom-made protective cover provides extra protection from wind and rain and keeps the iQ Grill clean. For years of outdoor fun.

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