OFYR Classic Corten 100 to PRO Upgrade Set - Blok Teak Hout

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The OFYR Classic 100 Corten was one of our very first cooking appliances and has delighted and continues to delight in unprecedented interest. In late 2019, we introduced the OFYR Classic Storage Corten 100 PRO appliance with the extras of 4 sturdy wheels, a wider and deeper base for stability and a teak wood handle. Many owners of the OFYR Classic 100 Corten stove have expressed interest in the new plinth with wheels and handle. For this group we are now introducing the possibility to purchase the OFYR Classic 100 PRO plinth as an individual product. In order to still be able to use the old base effectively, we offer as part of this set a corten steel attachment that can be placed on the old base as a fire basket or planter. As a 2nd option, we offer as part of this set a 50 x 50cm teak wooden cutting board that can be placed on the old plinth and transforms it into a handy work table.

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