The Windmill Camp Stove (old type)

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With this aluminum stove from The Windmill you really have everything you need to enjoy the outdoors and get started with skillets, Dutch Ovens, BBQ pans and much more.

The adjustable air slider allows you to easily adjust the supply of oxygen and regulate the temperature. The stove can also be made to fit any skillet, Dutch Oven or pan using the cooking rings on the top.

The middle cooking ring has cutouts where the legs of The Windmill Dutch Ovens fit exactly. So they stand nice and firm!

The stove is suitable for both charcoal and briquettes, so it is also safe for camping.

To top it off, the stove can also be used as a grill in combination with the cast iron grid or cast iron plancha. These are sold separately.

Aluminum stove with air supply, cast iron coal grate and stainless steel coolgrip. The cooking rings at the top are provided with recesses for extra secure placement of our Dutch Ovens.

  • The camping stove housing is made of aluminium. Light-weight and durable.
  • It includes an ash tray, stainless-steel knob and a stainless-steel handle with cool grip. The cooking rings come with notches. This ensures the stability of our The Windmill Dutch ovens.
  • It can be used in a wide range of locations as it is not considered an open fire.

The front slide determines the amount of incoming oxygen, so you can roughly set the temperature. The camping stove can be adapted to the pan using the adjustment rings at the top. The middle ring has notches to put the Dutch oven pedestals into. This ensures even greater stability.

The camping stove is easy to use and can be combined with any of our pans. Skillets, barbecue pans, Dutch ovens, bread and poffertjes pans, saucepans, waffle irons and all our upcoming new products.

Use charcoal or briquettes as fuel. The fire in the camping stove is not an open fire, so it is often allowed even at campsites where open fires are prohibited. It is a camping stove for the whole family.

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