The Windmill Cast Iron Conditioner

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- 100% vegetarian product.
- Protects and maintains. The conditioner adds a non-stick coating and prevents corrosion.
- Easy to apply. Your cast-iron product will not be greasy to the touch after use.

All cast-iron products must be seasoned before using (other than enamelled pans). Clean the pans after use and again add a THIN layer of grease.

The pans can be seasoned and maintained according to the instructions provided. Apply a thin coating of grease to your cast-iron products, to prevent the food from sticking to the pan. The pans will be a darker colour after seasoning and will then have a protective coating against corrosion.

Pans seasoned with this product are not greasy to the touch as opposed to pans seasoned using sunflower oil or groundnut oil.

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