The Windmill 'Chef Masa’ Hamburger Iron

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On YouTube, Chef Masa can be seen making his juicy burgers like a real pit master. The trick is to get both sides of the iron really hot first. Then place your burger on the flat side of the iron. Your cold burger on the hot iron sears the burger shut and keeps it nice and juicy. Turn it over so that the other side is also seared and then comes the trick that makes this iron unique. The spikes.

As soon as your burger is cooked on both sides, close the iron and the burger will be skewered. The excess fat can get out through the holes on the sides, ensuring an even cooking.

An excellent burger, ready in a few minutes.

Chef Masa is the owner of Bar Masa in New York, USA. A few years ago, he developed a new way to prepare burgers. The 'Chef Masa Hamburger Iron' is now a fact!

  • The Chef Masa hamburger iron is made of durable cast iron. If handled properly according to the instructions, it will last a lifetime.
  • Easy to use. Both sides can be removed.
  • Thanks to the flat handle, the iron can be used on any heat source: gas cooker, induction, ceramic hob, oven, barbecue, open fire, stove, charcoal and/or briquettes.
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