The Windmill Dutch Oven 4,5 Qt

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Multifunctional cast-iron pan specially designed to cook outdoors and suitable for any heat source. A cast-iron lid with a cool grip, raised edge and three pedestals on the lid and under the pan.

The Dutch oven is a Dutch invention. It is a multifunctional cast-iron pan. This type of pan was named a Dutch oven because it is easy to use as an oven, especially when heating it from above and below. It can be heated using wood, charcoal or briquettes. The pan is entirely made of cast iron and can therefore be used on any heat source. Cast iron conducts and retains heat well. Place the pan directly onto the fire, on a fire table or barbecue or in your fire basket. In bad weather, it can even be used indoors, on the hob or in the oven.

You can use your Dutch oven for roasting, braising, stewing savoury dishes and casseroles, or to bake cakes, brownies, etc. Pour oil into it to make your own traditional Dutch ‘oliebollen’.

Lid: The pan lid includes three pedestals. Turn the lid upside down and place the pedestals on briquettes, charcoal or an open fire and use it as a baking tray. One more tip: prepare a delicious pizza and place the pan on top of the lid. The pedestals on the lid can also be used to stack your pans, creating a Dutch oven stack. This means you can use two pans on a single heat source. You can also place a cast-iron frying pan or barbecue pan on the Dutch oven.


  • A multifunctional cast-iron pan. Use it to cook, roast or stew delicious food or bake a cake, a casserole or more.
  • Suitable for any heat source: gas, induction or ceramic hob, oven, barbecue, open fire or camping stove, using charcoal or briquettes.
  • The raised edge around the lid ensures the wood, charcoal and briquettes do not fall off the pan.
  • The ORIGINAL Dutch oven
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