The Windmill Dutch Pancake Pan

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The cast-iron poffertjes pan has two handles on either side. Suitable for making 19 poffertjes at once.

It doesn’t get any more Dutch than this! Grandmother had a cast-iron poffertjes pan in the cupboard and it is still a very popular product. It makes a great gift.

As for all cast-iron products, make sure the pan is seasoned according to the instructions provided. This gives it a useful non-stick coating. Your poffertjes pan can also be used to fry quail eggs or prawns, mini-brownies and other bitesize food. The poffertjes pan can be used over any heat source and the flat base ensures it can be used on a hob or barbecue.


  • The pans are made of durable cast iron. This ensures optimal heat conduction and retention. The pans will last a lifetime if you treat them as specified in the instructions provided.
  • An original The Windmill design to prepare 19 poffertjes at once.
  • Suitable for any heat source: gas, induction or ceramic hob, oven, barbecue, open fire or camping stove, using charcoal or briquettes.
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