The Windmill Sauté Pan

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The frying pan has a raised edge. This makes it easy to sauté food without it falling out of the pan. The two sturdy handles either side make it easy to pick it up. No handle, ensuring it can be used in a barbecue. The frying pan is versatile, for example it can be used as a cast-iron wok or paella pan.

The lids of our 5.9- and 8.5-litre Dutch ovens fit this frying pan. Use your Dutch oven lids on this frying pan to retain the heat or heat it from above too.

  • The lids for the 5.9- and 8.5-litre Dutch ovens (TWM010 and TWM011) fit this product.
  • The pans are made of durable cast iron. This ensures optimal heat conduction and retention. The pans will last a lifetime if you treat them as specified in the instructions provided.
  • Suitable for any heat source: gas, induction or ceramic hob, oven, barbecue, open fire or camping stove, using charcoal or briquettes.
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