The Windmill Skillet Extra

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Pre-seasoned cast-iron frying pan with a pouring spout on either side and a long handle. Suitable for any heat source: gas or induction hobs, ovens, barbecues, open fire or camping stove using charcoal or briquettes.

A cast-iron skillet is a must-have for people who love to cook. Just what you need when cooking in a kitchen or outdoors. Temperature is key! The non-stick coating is perfect once you have burned it in, and protects your pan from corrosion. Heat up the skillet and cook your favourite dish. As soon as you’ve tried cast-iron pans, you will never look back.

The 31.5-cm extra large skillet is the biggest in The Windmill range. A heavy-duty frying pan with a 25.5 cm base diameter, in 100% cast iron, which retains and distributes the heat evenly. Use the frying pan in the oven, on a gas or induction hob or use it outside on the barbecue, a camping stove or a charcoal, briquette or wood fire in a firepit.

Flat base, ø 25.5 cm


  • Suitable for any heat source: gas or induction hob, oven, barbecue, open fire or camping stove, using charcoal or briquettes.
  • The pans are made of durable cast iron. This ensures optimal heat conduction and retention. The pans will last a lifetime if you treat them as specified in the instructions provided.
  • The pans have a useful pouring spout either side. This ensures you can pour out the contents with no spills or mess.
  • Available in various sizes with an extra-long handle.
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