Yoder Smokers 24x48" Charcoal Grill - Competition Cart

Delivery time: The delivery time is 5 to 7 business days.

Produced on demand.  Lead time:  approx. 8-10 months

Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, cooking food over a hot bed of coals is a classic tradition. Too many charcoal grills nowadays are built to be disposable, with wobbly legs, thin steel, and loose parts leaving their owners disappointed.  This is what makes Yoder Smokers stand out from the rest.  These heavy-duty Flattop Charcoal Grills are built to last a lifetime and are easy to move around on large pneumatic wheels.  A huge flat cooking area provides plenty of space to cook for a large crowd.

A five-position charcoal tray allows you to adjust the distance between your coals and your food, and adjustable air vents and two-position lid with stainless steel hinges provide you with the option of searing directly over the coals, or cooking indirectly on lower temperatures.  Cleaning up is easy with a removeable ash tray.

Perfect For:  Home, Catering, Restaurants, Food Trucks, Food Festivals, Party Service, Resorts

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