Yoder Smokers CIMARRON Offset Smoker - Skeleton Cart

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The Yoder Smokers 26” Cimarron means premium, whether it is our Cimarron Pellet Smoker, Cimarron BBQ Trailer, or this wood offset pit.

This is luxury barbecue cooking, so roll this beauty out at your VIP events, weddings, resort or restaurant and amaze your guests before they even taste the delicious food coming off it.

The square firebox is fully insulated as a standard feature, and the large wheels and customizable cart make it easy to transport and move into place.  Also included is a heavy-duty stainless steel shelf and storage drawer.

For personalized recommendations feel free to contact us – we are happy to help you find the perfect solution.​

Perfect For: Catering, Restaurants, VIP Events, Resorts

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