Yoder Smokers Durango 20" Loaded Offset Smoker

Delivery time: This product is ordered on demand. The delivery time may increase because of this.

Produced on demand.  Current lead time:  approx. 8-10 months

Want to hang meats for smoking such as hams, ribs, fish, etc?  The Yoder Smokers Durango offset wood smoker combines the horizontal cooking space of a Wichita with a vertical chamber for adding more food on 4 extra cooking racks.

What’s possible on the Durango?  The real question is, what’s not?  Sear a steak in the firebox, roast a turkey on the right side, BBQ a pork shoulder on the left side, and smoke some salmon in the vertical chamber.   All at the same time!  You can even cold-smoke in the vertical chamber by lighting wood chips at the bottom and hanging bacon or placing cheese on the cooking grates.

Like the Wichita, the Durango is suited mainly for ambitious home cooks or small restaurants.  If you are a restaurant looking for a large amount of cooking space in a small footprint, we recommend the Stockton offset wood smoker.​

Perfect For:  Home, Restaurants, Resorts

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