Yoder Smokers 30" Frontiersman II Offset Smoker

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The popular Yoder Smokers 30” Frontiersman offset wood smoker is the ultimate BBQ pit available outside the USA. Massive, attractive, and more mobile than a BBQ trailer – it is the perfect solution for restaurants, catering companies, or food trucks that need to transport a large smoker and then move it into place on location.

Not only will you attract crowds from first impressions, when you light your fire and start pulling off perfectly smoked meats and fish, you will be the star of the show.  The Frontiersman is designed to burn fruitwood and hardwood split logs, and makes it easy for the pitmaster to maintain steady temperatures due to a great airflow design and thick steel to retain heat.

The two-door smoker is the same size as the Frontiersman II BBQ Trailer, but the cart design and large wheels make it easy to move around with only two people.  Also included is a storage drawer and heavy-duty stainless steel front shelf.

A large BBQ smoker is a big investment, but taking all things into consideration (size, mobility, visual appeal, performance, construction, and lifetime guarantee) the Yoder Smokers Frontiersman is our recommendation for a mobile BBQ pit for commercial use.

Contact us to ask about customizations or for personalized recommendations.  We are happy to help!​

Perfect For:  Catering, Restaurants, Food Trucks, Party Service, Food Festivals, Resorts, VIP Events

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