Yoder Smokers Kingman Loaded Offset Smoker

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The Yoder Smokers 24” Kingman offset wood smoker – a serious BBQ pit for serious pitmasters.  If you own a Kingman, either you have lots of friends and neighbors begging you to cook for them, or you own a restaurant or catering business.

The Kingman has a massive offset firebox – this results in a large volume of pre-heated air that moves into the main cooking chamber.  For such a large smoker, this means that temperature control is easy to maintain.  With a little practice you will be pulling off tender smoked meats that taste straight out of Texas.

A wood offset smoker like the Kingman burns split wood logs – fruitwoods or hardwoods.  Experience the rewarding challenge of creating the perfect smoke flavor and create your own identity as a pitmaster!

The Kingman is fully loaded and includes a Heat Management Plate to distribute heat and smoke evenly, a slide-out 2nd shelf, and a counter-weight on the door to make it easy to open the heavy door.  It is handmade in Kansas and is guaranteed for life not to rust through.

Perfect For:  Restaurants, Resorts, Food Trucks, Home

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