Yoder Smokers Stockton 24x20" Offset Smoker

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​The Yoder Smokers Stockton is a large capacity vertical cabinet smoker that does not sacrifice flavor for cooking area. It is an ideal smoker for a restaurant with limited space as it contains 8 huge cooking racks but has a relatively small footprint.

The Stockton is a true Texas-style wood offset smoker.  The huge firebox combined with vertical cooking chamber make it very easy to maintain stable temperatures which is important in a busy restaurant!

Most cabinet smokers burn charcoal with a few wood chunks, meaning they do not produce the full, rich flavor of a wood fire.  The Stockton burns split wood logs of fruitwoods or hardwoods such as apple, cherry, oak, etc.  So even though it is a traditional and classic design, it is unique since most commercial smokers are designed to use charcoal, gas, or electric resulting in less flavor but not necessarily less work.

The Stockton is handcrafted in Kansas and is guaranteed for life – this is a heavy-duty BBQ smoker for any size of restaurant, BBQ shack, resort, or event center.  Talk to us about the possibilities of even doubling or tripling the size of it!​

Perfect For:  Restaurants, Resorts

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