Yoder Smokers Wichita Loaded Offset Smoker

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Want to take your friends or customers on a culinary adventure to Texas?  With a large indirect cooking space, the Yoder Smokers 20” Wichita wood offset smoker will get you there. Experience the aroma of sweet wood smoke and the crackling of a fire before tasting tender, perfectly smoked meats and vegetables.

By burning a fire in the “offset” firebox, the heat and smoke are then drawn through the main chamber to cook the food indirectly.  This is the secret to producing incredible low&slow barbecue.  Experiment with flavors and aromas by feeding your fire with various fruit woods and hardwoods to create the perfect bite!

The Wichita is our most popular offset model and the perfect size for large parties at home, or for small restaurants.  This award-winning smoker is fully loaded and includes a Heat Management Plate to distribute heat and smoke evenly, a slide-out 2nd shelf, and a counter-weight on the door to make it easy to open the heavy door.  This professional-grade BBQ is handmade in Kansas and is guaranteed for life not to rust through like the average outdoor BBQ.

Perfect For:  Home, Small Restaurants, Resorts

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